Naga Pratrhishta

             For relief from Kaalasarpadosha and such other problems related to Puthrasanthana, performed on all day except ekadashi and fstiong days like shivarathri,Gokulashtami etc., The seva receipt should be obtained before 10 A.M from the seva counter.After completing Pradakshinas the Sevakartha devotee can Prathista in the Homapoornahuthi.

             Prathista Pooja will be performed at Nagaprathista Mantapa in the outer quadrangle after Mahapooja. The devotees are required to partake in the Prathistha Pooja and receive Prasadam.

             1) Seva fee Rs.400-00 (Rupees Four hundred only).

             2) The Seva is open on all days except Ekadashi and Fast days.

             3) Obtain receipt at the Seva Counter before 10.00 a.m. and report for Sankalpa by a Purohitha in the inner quandrangle of the temple.

             4) Undertake Pradakshina and witness Poornahuthi of NAGAPRATHISHTA HOMA around 10.30 a.m.